How to use sim6812 and its friends.


Syntax: sim6812 [input.s19 ...]

sim6812 was written to mimic a Motorola HC12 and many of its on-board peripherals. In many ways, the most natural interface to the system is the tty-based program sim6812. When using this program, you can pretend that you have a "glass TTY" attached to an HC12 microcontroller via its serial port. There are only three things that are apparently different from using a real microcontroller:

Another point of convenience is that the simulator can automatically load .s19 files upon invocation. Just list the name of the file(s) you want to load into the simulated HC12's memory on the command line after the sim6812 command. While the simulator is running, you can download a file into its memory by pressing - and typing the name of the file when prompted.


Syntax: asm6812 input.asm ...

Not much to say here. The assembler will take each input file and create new files--one with an .s19 extension for the S-record image, one with a .ref extension for the cross-reference information and one with a .sym extension that contains symbol information for the compiled program.


Syntax: ide6812

No options. This is a GUI-based IDE. By default, it has a serial-tty console interface. The file menu has exit and reset functions. It also has a 'tools' menu from which you can invoke an editor/compiler/debugger and peripheral editor.